Local and Organic

Co-op West Main’s Produce Department is packed with local and organic flavor. We offer a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, including many certified organic options.

We strive to stock our shelves with the highest-quality fruits and vegetables available, prioritizing those that are grown within our region and/or are certified organic.

Providing our customers with food free of chemicals, pesticides, insecticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is very important to us.

Co-op Farm to Market

Whenever possible we purchase produce with:

  • No GMO seeds or crops.
  • Environmentally-friendly growing practices.
  • No added chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or insecticides.

Co-op Farm to Market provides local, healthy and sustainable products grown by Montana farmers.

During the harvest season, find a plethora of local produce grown within 100 miles of Bozeman and regional produce grown within 300 miles of Bozeman.

Look for our local, regional and organic signage throughout the produce department.

Produce grown within 100 miles of Bozeman

Produce grown within 300 miles of Bozeman

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