CO-GO Online Shopping & Curbside Pick-Up

Create an account, select your items, choose your pickup time, and then let us do the shopping for you!

See below for our ordering process and commonly asked questions:

Contact Us

  • Phone: 406-587-0751
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Curbside Pickup: 908 W. Main (sorry, no deliveries available at this time)

Set-up Account

To get started with online shopping and curbside pick-up, set up an account. 

  • Co-op Members: Your Co-Go account can be connected to your membership profile in the store. See instructions below.
  • Not a Member? Everyone is welcome!
  • Click here to set-up your account: CO-GO Accounts and Registration

Ordering & Pickup Process

  • Curbside Pickup Only: Sorry, we do not deliver at this time.
  • Orders must be placed 2 hours ahead of time and up to 4 days in advance.
  • Pickup times are available every day between 8 am - 6 pm in 30 minute blocks. You can select an available pickup time at checkout.
  • The minimum order is $30.
  • There is a $5 packing fee for all orders.
  • Park in one of our designated curbside pickup spots at  908 W. Main.
  • When you arrive, text or call us on the number listed at the building.

Out-of-Stocks & Substitutions

  • Occasionally, we may be out of stock of one of the items you chose. Currently, we are experiencing more of these than normal.
  • By default we do not substitute items. Click "Allow Substitutions" on the checkout page for items that you’d be willing to accept an alternative for.
  • On your shopping cart summary page, remember to add any notes to specific items or the whole order in general
  • We'll find the closest substitutions possible

Estimated Pricing

  • Online prices reflect the in-store price on the day you place your order. Some prices (including sales) may change between the time you place your order, and the time you pick it up. Most sales change bi-monthly on Wednesday.
  • Please keep in mind that the order total shown online when you place the order is an estimate and often varies from the amount charged when the transaction is finalized on pickup day. The exact price of each item will be printed on your receipt at pick-up.

Weighted Item Pricing

  • For weighed items the amount you pay will be finalized when we process your order on your pickup date.
  • This may vary slightly from the weight you selected originally.
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Commonly Asked Questions

How do I search for products?

Use the search bar at the top. You can type product type (i.e. cheese) or brand name (i.e. Organic Valley). Use the top menu bar and browse by department. When looking at items, use the filters along the side bar to narrow down the choices.

Can I add special instructions?

Yes! Do you need ripe avocados? You can add special instructions to any item in your shopping cart from the Shopping Cart page. There is also an option to put instructions for the entire order as well.

How do I know if an item is on sale?

Sale items will have the original price struck through and show the sale price below the original price. They also will show the savings amount in the bottom corner of the product image. To see all our current sale items, click on the "Sales" link.

Can I change the date/time of pickup for an order I have already placed?

Please give us a call at 406-587-0751.

How do I know my order went through?

As you are checking out, make sure to “confirm order” as the last step. After this, you should receive a confirmation e-mail and/or text message.

Can I review my order once it’s been placed?

You will receive a confirmation email when you place your order that includes a list of everything you ordered. Additionally, you can log in to your account and select ‘Past Orders’. Here you can see an order you just placed as well as any previous orders. You can also easily duplicate a past order from this menu as well.

Can I save an order I haven’t finished yet?

You sure can. Once you have registered for an account and logged in, any item you put in your cart will remain there until you checkout or remove the item. If you place items into your cart but have not signed into your account items in your cart will not be saved.

How can I cancel an order I’ve placed?

Please call us if you need to cancel your order at 406-587-0751. The $5 order fee will not be refunded.

What if I need to return a product from my order?

To help reduce exposure, we are limiting the number of products coming back into the store. During this time, we ask for no returns or exchanges unless the food is spoiled or expired.

I received the wrong product. What should I do?

Our staff will do their best to make sure you get exactly what you ask for, but we’re human and mistakes can happen.

Call us at 406-587-0751or e-mail us at [email protected]. We’ll do our best to make it right.

Can I create a shopping list?

Yes! Manage shopping lists from your Account Profile. Click your account in the top right, where it says Hello, (your name). From the drop-down select “Lists.” Here you can manage the items in any of your lists. You can also select to move (and delete from your list) any item or the whole list to your shopping cart, or copy an item or the whole list to your cart as well.

Billing, Payment & Pricing

How do I know my order went through?

As you are checking out, make sure to “confirm order” as the last step. After this, you should receive a confirmation e-mail and/or text message.

There are multiple pending charges for my order. Am I being double charged?

No. Our online payment processor runs a pending pre-authorization when you check out, but your card is not charged until pickup. It is common to see two or occasionally three pending charges temporarily on your account, since the total you pay at pickup often varies from what you see at checkout. Your total at pickup will not exceed the total you see at checkout. Only the pending charge for your final total at pickup will go through. The other pending charges will disappear within 2 business days.

What if the amount charged to my credit card is wrong?

Contact us at [email protected] or by calling 406-587-0751 and we’ll gladly correct any billing issues. Please keep in mind that the order total shown online when you place the order is an estimate and often varies from the amount charged when the transaction is finalized on pickup day.

Is there a fee for ordering online?

Yes, there is a $5 fee for all online orders. The minimum order is $30.

Can I pay for my order with a gift card?

You can pay with a gift card if you choose to pay at pickup. Our current online payment system does not allow for payment with a gift card for gift card security purposes.

Do you have weekly specials?

We have monthly and biweekly sales. To view current sales, click "Active Promotions"

Do you accept coupons for online orders?

To help reduce exposure by minimizing contact for curbside pickup, we are not accepting coupons at this time.

What if I would like to change my account information?

When you sign in to your account, select the ‘Profile’ tab. From here you can update your contact information. You can also edit/delete your payment information from the ‘Wallet’ tab.

Sale Pricing

  • You will always receive the price of an item based on your pickup date.
  • If an item is not on sale when you order but is on sale on your pickup date, you pay the sale price.
  • If in item is on sale when you order but not on sale on your pickup date, you pay the regular price.