Co-op Membership

What is Co-op Membership?

Equal ownership of a local, independent store?

How cool is that? The cooperative business model is a little wacky. However, we think you’ll like it. Let us explain:

Here, there’s no CEO or elite corporate few to gobble up the profit.  We are equally owned and operated by all of our member owners, an economic democracy of sorts.

The distribution of profit is equitable; no one person has more stake in the business than another. Led by a Board of Directors, who are elected by the membership, our Co-op is a place where social justice and economic success can coincide.

Our member owners literally vote with their fork, or spoon for that matter, through the purchase of local, organic and Fair Trade products.

This support also allows us to continue to do what we do best: Provide high quality organic and local food, support local farmers, practice sustainable business operations, provide an ethical (and fun!) workplace and give back to our community.

Membership is $35/person/lifetime with no annual dues.  Membership is individual.  After a profitable year, the Board of Directors will decide whether to distribute patronage refunds based proportionally on members’ shopping.  Membership is fully refundable at any time.


Weekly Coupons

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Weekly Member Coupons

One of our favorite benefits of membership is our weekly member coupons.

Every week, receive a new member coupon through our   e-mail newsletter FoodEnews. To redeem, simply show the coupon on your mobile device or print out a paper version from your home computer.  You can use your coupon once a day for the entire week.  Proof of the coupon must be present to redeem.

Once you sign up for FoodEnews, you can also sign up for our weekly giveaway filled with Co-op goodies valued at over $75.  The giveaway changes every week.

FoodEnews also features our bimonthly sales flyer, other sales, events, food news and more.

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Membership Benefits

Benefits of Membership
Co-op Cash Card

Deposit money on your Co-op Cash Card for fast and convenient purchases. Cash cards also make great gifts.

Benefits of Membership
Eats Program

We believe everyone deserves fresh, high-quality food regardless of income. Qualifying low-income member owners may apply for a 15% discount.Learn more at Customer Service Desk or learn more here, EATS

Benefits of Membership
Leave Your Car at Home

Member owners who walk, bus or bike to the Co-op can save money on their groceries at Co-op West Main. Ask a cashier for more info.

Benefits of Membership
Bring Your Own Bag

Bring your own reusable shopping bags and get 10 cents off for each bag. This credit also applies to reusable bulk containers and coffee mugs that you bring from home.

Benefits of Membership
Wellness Wednesday

On the first Wednesday of each month, Co-op member owners can get 10%-off on all supplements and body care products at Co-op West Main

Benefits of Membership
Co-op Basics

From diapers to milk, eggs, cereal, crackers and more, find significantly reduced everyday prices on more than 160 products at
Co-op West Main.

Benefits of Membership
Co-op Member Specials

Look for these signs for special member deals throughout the store.

Benefits of Membership
Co-op Sales Flyer

Find deals on local and organic produce, meat, dairy and grocery items in our bi-monthly Co-op Sales Flyer.  Available in the store and in FoodEnews.


What You Support

Local Food and Farmers

We are proud to offer high quality produce and meat grown within our region. Your purchase of local food supports our area economy, promotes sustainable agriculture and preserves open space.

Organic Food and Farmers

Supporting organic food promotes vegetables grown without synthetic pesticides, chemicals, GMOs and fertilizers and humanely-raised meat without growth hormones and antibiotics.

Sustainable Business Practices

From installing solar panels to recycling, incorporating reused and reclaimed building materials and more, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in our business operations.

Local Schools and Kids

Coffee for Classrooms donates $0.10 of every cup of coffee sold at both Co-op locations to a different local school each month.

An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day, 10 cents of every apple sold each month goes to a different non-profit.

A Local Independent Business

Unlike massive corporations, when you shop here, your dollars are invested right back into our community through the support of local food, farmers and other area businesses.


Become a Member

Interested in owning grocery store with your friends? It's easy!

Interested in owning grocery store with your friends? It's easy!

Co-op Membership is easy!  There's no complicated processes or background checks here. We welcome everyone with open membership.

To join, head to the Customer Service Desk at Co-op West Main and they'll sign you up right there. You'll receive your membership packet explaining all the benefits of Co-op Membership and your Membership Card. Becoming an equal owner of a business has never been easier than that!

The Basics

  • Co-op Membership is $35/person/lifetime.
  • Membership is individual. Every member gets one vote
  • We don't charge annual dues.
  • Your membership is also fully refundable at any time.
  • Use your scannable member card for simple (and fast!) check out at the register.

More questions? Call us at 406-587-1919 x 3058 or visit the Customer Service Desk.