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Donation Request

Community Support

Donation Requests

Our Co-op sponsors, contributes and/or donates to events, causes and community nonprofit organizations in alignment with our mission.

Scroll down to submit a donation request online.

Our Mission — We provide food and goods, promote sustainable practices and follow co-op principles.


When evaluating donation requests, we consider:

  • only requests made a minimum of 7 business days prior to the event
  • the event
  • the nature of the organization
  • the timing of the request, relative to normal Co-op operations
  • the donation budget

Donation Process

Sorry, we do not guarantee donations to a group, event or cause.

To those receiving a donation, we provide a gift card that may be used to purchase needed supplies or for raffles and prizes.

Out of respect for the diverse beliefs of its members, the Co-op refrains from donations to political parties or candidates and religious organizations, except when a community coalition consists of one or more such groups that may otherwise qualify for a donation.

Donation Request

Please complete this form and press the Send Donation Request button.