This program helps low-income member owners afford the food they deserve to eat with a 15% discount at both Co-op locations.

Prefer to avoid a daily dose of chemicals and pesticides? High quality organic food may be what you want to feed your family, however, it can often feel out of reach to those of us on a tight budget.

If you are a lower-income member owner struggling to afford the food you deserve to eat, check out the Co-op’s EATS (Enough Abundance To Share) program.

The Co-op Board of Directors developed EATS to help qualifying member owners offset the cost of whole, local and organic foods with a 15% discount at both Co-op locations. The premise is simple: Everyone deserves to eat healthy food, regardless of income.

Do I Qualify?
Co-op member owners who also participate in Montana Healthy Kids, SNAP (food stamp benefits), Medicaid, Extra Help through Medicare, Section 8 Housing, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Property Tax Assistance Program for low-income Montana seniors or WIC (Women, Infants and Children) are eligible to apply for the EATS (Enough Abundance To Share) program. 

The recently expanded EATS programs now includes Section 8 Housing, Extra Help through Medicare, Property Tax Assistance Program and SSI, allowing more of our members owners to qualify for this unique, money-saving program. 

EATS is a benefit of membership so you must be a member owner to participate in the program. Non-members, even spouses/partners, may not use the discount unless they join and live in the same home.

How Do I Sign Up?
Members in good standing (either paid in full or current on equity payments) can submit an application to receive a 15% discount for a period of six months with the option to renew as long as they still qualify. Co-op membership is $35/person/lifetime (no annual dues).

The discount is valid in both stores and is tied to your membership—you don’t carry a special card or show anything to your cashier after you’ve signed up. 

After six months, EATS participants receive a postcard reminding them to renew in the store by the first of the month.

Renewing is as easy as signing up. Simply stop by the Customer Service desk, show your qualifying card to a customer service representative and fill out the EATS renewal form. Sorry, no retroactive discounts on purchases made if the discount expires.

Do you have more questions about the EATS program? Call the Membership Department at 587-1919 ext. 69.