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Local Tomatoes for Breakfast

Some beautiful local tomatoes (from 7 Spruce Farm...get 'em while they last) arrived at Co-op West Main this week and I had to buy a couple.  I wasn’t convinced they would taste great this early but I was wrong.

They were AMAZING.

It reminded me of my two favorite tomato-based breakfasts that I often make in the summer. If you can toast a piece of bread and slice a tomato, you’ll be all set.

I have a daughter with celiac disease so we use Udi’s gluten-free bread for toast, otherwise I recommend picking up some fresh bread (made from organic Montana flour) from the Co-op Bakery.

My first “recipe” seems too simple to be that good but trust me…

  • Lightly butter a piece of toasted bread and add a large tomato slice with salt and pepper

That’s it. I am telling you, if the tomatoes are good, it is phenomenal.

My other “recipe” is just about as easy…

  • Slice a few Kalamata olives (the ones from the olive bar are great)
  • Tear up some fresh basil
  • Chop some tomatoes
  • Add salt and pepper

Toss together and spoon onto a piece of toast drizzled with olive oil.  Balsamic vinegar is a great addition to this one as well.

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