Exciting. Fast Paced. Challenging. Team oriented. Fun.

When we asked our staff to describe working here, these are the words that popped up most often.

Here, food takes center stage. Within our walls, you'll probably hear the words local, organic, made-from-scratch and fresh quite a bit. Do those words inspire you, too?

From college students seeking a part-time schedule to those pursuing a career in the natural foods industry, we employ a diverse group of people with a few things in common: a dedication to providing the best food available to our community, offering stellar customer service, working hard as a team and having fun. 

As a local, independent business in operation since 1979,  we have deep roots in Bozeman. Here there's no CEO or corporate few calling all the shots. We are equally owned by our member owners, a democratic business in action. Here, everyone comes together to build a business we can be proud of.

Sound like your kind of place?

Our compensation package includes:

  • Competitive wages with regular raises
  • 20% discount on store purchases from the start
  • Paid time off after 90 days
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • 401K with matching contribution
  • Opportunity for advancement

How to Apply

Interested in joining our team?

Apply now! 

Click on the job title below that grabs your interest. Read about the job, then hit the “Apply for this Position” button. You’ll be taken to the application form. It’s quick and easy. Experience is not always needed.

If you do not receive a prompt email response from us that we received your application, we did not receive your application! Please resubmit it until you get a response from us.

Note: *Please use a computer or a tablet, and not a phone, to apply. There is free use of computers at the Bozeman Public Library. 

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If no job links are listed, that means we are not accepting applications at the moment. But please, check back often.

Not successful the first time you applied?

If you didn’t get the job you applied for, don’t be discouraged. Apply again for any job you’re interested in.
More than a few current staff will tell you that the second or even third time around can be just the right fit.

Thanks for your interest!