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All About Citrus


From classic navels to pommelos, kumquats, mandarins and grapefruit, winter is peak season for citrus! Here is our shopping guide to some of our most popular varieties:

Navel Oranges

Classic Navels

There are several varieties of classic navel oranges, with some of our favorites described below. These oranges are in their peak season during the winter, are easy to peel and seedless, making them great for eating fresh. You can tell navels apart because of the navel-like formation one end of the fruit.

Pleasant Oak Navels

Considered an Heirloom variety, Pleasant Oak oranges are some of the best navels to try during peak citrus season. They deliver a classic bold, balanced flavor.

Cara Cara Navels

These oranges, with their salmon-colored flesh, are typically a cross between a Washington and Brazilian Bahia Navel. Their flavor is often described as a balance between a tangerine and grapefruit. 

Valencia Oranges

These oranges have a thin skin making them harder to peel. However, they are packed with tangy, sweet juice making them the number one orange for juicing. They can be eaten fresh, however, is best served sliced in pieces like a melon.

Blood Oranges

Known for their red blushing on the skin and deep crimson flesh, blood oranges are packed with a rich, juicy flavor and berry-like overtones.

Minneola Tangelos

A hybrid between a grapefruit and a mandarin, these oranges have a bell shape and are easy to peel. Their rich, sweet flavor is often described as a traditional orange with a touch of tangerine.


Page Mandarins

These easy-to-peel oranges are a hybrid of  three parts mandarin and and one part grapefruit. They have a deep orange flesh that is tender and juicy with a strong mandarin flavor.

Clementine Mandarins

A hybrid between a Mediterranean citrus and a sweet orange, these are smallest member of the mandarin family that are sweet, seedless and easy to peel. 

Satsuma Mandarins

These mandarins are medium to small and shaped like a flatted sphere. It is best known for being easy to peel, making it a favorite for kids.


The largest of the citrus fruits, pummelos have a thick skin that can vary in color from green to yellow and everything in between. They have a  bitter pulp, resembling a grapefruit in flavor.


This citrus fruit resembles an orange but is oval-shaped and much smaller. They have a sweet edible skin with a very sour flavor.


With several varieties available, we typically receive  Ruby grapefruits in the winter. This variety is known for their deep red flesh and sweet, tart flavor.

Lemons & Limes


Classic varieties of lemons have bright yellow skin, an intense citrus aroma and tart acidic flavor making them ideal for juicing or baking.

Meyer Lemons

Cross between a lemon and a mandarin. These are a chef favorite as they are sweeter than your common lemon.


Classic varieties of limes are a glossy green transitioning to yellow hues as it matures. Their bright tangy flavor makes them great for juicing, zesting and marinades.