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Bozeman Co-op

Job Listing

From the start:

  • $18/hour minimum wage
  • 20% discount on store purchases
  • Free coffee and tea while on shift
  • Friendly, energizing, fun, and results-driven work culture
  • Premium pay for working selected holidays
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Upon successful wait period, full-time employees have access to:

  • Medical, dental and vision
  • Paid time off
  • 401k plan with match
  • Professional development opportunities

Benefits are subject to change.

Complete benefit descriptions available upon hiring.

Job Location: Co-op West Main
Salary: $21.00 - HOUR

Full-time or Part-time position available. Full-time schedule: Sunday/Monday off. Shifts are Tuesday 2:30pm-9:30pm, Wednesday 11am-7pm, Thursday 2pm-9:30pm, Friday 11am-7pm and Saturday 10am-6pm. 

Part-time schedule: Tuesday 2:30pm-9:30pm, Thursday 2pm-9:30pm, Friday 11am-7pm and/or Saturday 10am-6pm.

Purpose: Provide leadership, coaching, and training for Center Store Staff and friendly, attentive, and prompt service in all roles and duties. Direct cashier, Co-Go, stocking, and receiving duties for Center Store Staff throughout the shift to ensure efficiency and accuracy of center store operations.

Specific Responsibilities of Center Store Shift Supervisor

  • As Person in Charge (PIC), manage daily shift flow, team priorities, and breaks to meet the needs of the business.
  • Maintain awareness for and assist with difficult problems and difficult customers at the registers.
  • Be familiar with Store Solutions in case of emergencies or specific problems related to the Store, working with other Center Store Shift Supervisors.
  • Keep an eye out for theft; stay current on Co-op shoplifting procedures and policies and assist with suspected shoplifting situations.
  • Work with managers using established systems to ensure inventory accuracy through regular data maintenance and other activities.
  • Be informed about the benefits of, and answer questions about, membership; hand out supporting materials and membership applications, and ensure applications are complete.
  • Receive orders and review all invoices from all suppliers accurately and according to procedures, following up and/or communicating discrepancies as needed.
  • Provide information to the Scan Department regarding price discrepancies.
  • Understand and implement Special Order purchasing according to policy; be available to assist with Special Order questions.


  • Check out all purchases efficiently and accurately; ring prices and PLUs correctly and into the appropriate department. Help others fix mistakes; call managers for assistance as needed.
  • Comply with government regulations regarding SNAP benefits/EBT cards and alcohol sales.

Cash Responsibilities

Both opening and closing:

  • Ensure that the key to the count room and cash drawers is always secure and never shared.
  • Move excess change from the registers to the safe as needed, following protocols.
  • Maintain security of store during shift, ensuring that store is opened and closed following security procedures; ensure that cash cabinet is locked at all times.
    • Opening
      • Verify accuracy of cash box and all drawers
      • Install drawers in proper registers and ensure correct access and security, following procedures.
    • Closing
      • Secure the cash as cashiers leave in the evening.
      • At the end of the shift, count drawers, following procedures and protocols:
        • Complete Excel cash logs.
        • Prepare drawers for morning cashiers.
        • Reconcile cash box.

Stocking, Receiving and Merchandising

  • Ensure shelves/coolers are fully stocked and rotated on assigned schedule to ensure freshness and turnover. Complete temperature checks, following protocols and schedule.
  • Ensure back-stock areas are rotated according to schedule, as applicable.
  • Maintain efficient and orderly system for incoming deliveries; direct the replenishment of the sales floor, prioritizing promotional and fast-selling items.
  • Provide feedback to managers and Purchasers regarding mis-picks, out-of-date, damaged, and poor quality products.
  • Use appropriate logs to communicate potential inventory issues to managers.
  • Rotate overstock into back-stock. Maintain organization in storage area, using location signs as needed.
  • Ensure Center Store Managers and Purchasers receive shelf tag requests for missing, damaged, or outdated shelf tags.
  • Serve as communication link between staff and department managers.

Co-Go Duties

  • As PIC, lead Co-Go process throughout shift; direct Co-Go pickers as needed to ensure orders in queue are being filled in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Communicate with Co-Go customers answering emails, resolving issues with orders, and handling challenging customer situations.
  • Review, prioritize, and manage curbside orders as they are placed.
  • Remain informed utilizing communication log; communicate effectively with teammates, Center Store Managers, ROPs Director, Scan, and Produce Staff to ensure smooth operations.
  • Select online order items in a timely, efficient manner following the Co-Go quality standards.
  • Provide excellent, proactive service answering phone calls and contacting customers as necessary.
  • Ensure order quality through careful picking and handling of products.
  • Use a digital tool in selecting and check-out processes, communicate, document, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Properly bag and/or package orders, safely transport to and from staging area, and load orders to customer vehicles.
  • Organize, clean, and prepare staging area(s).
  • Comply with federal, state, and company regulations/standards for alcohol sales, product freshness, food safety, and sanitation.
  • Work independently in a fast-paced work environment which requires detailed work and accuracy.


  • Experience or demonstrated ability to successfully meet all expectations listed above including purchasing and training. Retail food service experience preferred.
  • General computer literacy.
  • Ability to lift up to 30 lbs. throughout shift, occasionally up to 50 lbs.; ability to lift product overhead and/or climb ladders with product.
  • Ability to stand for long periods and to bend and twist repeatedly.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the business; early mornings, daytime, evenings, holidays, and weekend shifts may be required.