Women Winemakers

In May, we're celebrating Women Winemakers! Looks for these varietals on display at Co-op West Main, and available while supplies last.

GOTA Wines

Prunus Wines - Portugal

Led by Natalia Jessa, Gota showcases wine from the top regions of Portugal at accessible prices. Natalia works closely with local growers to insure their wines display the character of each region.

Christina Wines

Christina Wines - Austria

Christina Netzl's family has lived and farmed in the same Austrian village since 1650.  Inspired by the quality of natural wines, she started her own range of organically-produced unfiltered wines. 

Dinaube Maestracci 

Maestracci Wines - Corsica

Camille-Anaïs Raous is the lead winemaker at this family-owned winery, utilizing biodynamic practices to produce Mediterranean food wines. 

Lechuza Winery 

Valkyrie Wines - Spain

This winery dates back to 1917 and has been passed down trough three generations. Featuring old-school indigenous vines, this high-altitude winery is now run by Consuelo Gonzalez and her brother, Jesus.

El Provenir de Cafayete

Absoluto Wines - Argentina

Based in Cafayate this family-owned winery is managed by Lucía Romero- Marcuzzi. She is committed to practicing sustainable and organic viticulture to help preserve the land for future generations. 




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