Peter Pfankuch


Peter moved out to Bozeman from Minnesota in 2016 to attend Montana State University and study economics and business. After school, he took the opportunity to stay in Bozeman and work for Foundant Technologies, a local philanthropic software company, to help maximize the impact of the philanthropic community. Working with a diverse assortment of non-profits and foundations across the country allows him to better understand the dynamic needs of those communities and has grown his passion for helping empower these diverse people, places, and organizations. Peter is interested in equitable and sustainable food systems and loves sharing food and food-related ideas with friends and family through cooking and baking. Eager to spend time outside through back country skiing, trail running, and general appreciation of the natural spaces around this area, he has found numerous reasons to call Bozeman home.

Election Questions

From a Board perspective, what do you think are important issues facing the Co-op?

One issue faced by the Co-op is understanding how to serve the relevant needs of our community as it, from a physical, social, and cultural perspective, changes rapidly. I believe addressing the long-term issues that stem from these changes will need to be balanced with addressing the ongoing challenge of the pandemic day-to-day within the Co-op. Effectively allocating resources to solve these, and other, short- and long-term issues concurrently will be its own issue.

What strengths would you bring to the board?

I believe that I am able to more directly represent the voice of young professionals and students that make up an increasingly large proportion of this community when guiding the direction of the Co-op. Coming from a professional background focused on empowering diverse philanthropic efforts, I would bring a skill set that is unique on the board and is able to fully understand the dynamic lens appropriate for addressing the needs of all stakeholders.

What aspects of the Co-op Board of Directors do you find of interest?

From a high-level perspective, I find the desire to understand and support the food-system needs of the greater Bozeman community in a sustainable way to be both interesting and critically important. Specifically, I believe and support the idea that the Board of Directors serves the unique role of aligning the Co-op’s efforts with the dynamic and diverse requisites of our community. Last, I value the challenge that comes with putting these ideas in practice.