Micah Coburn


Micah Coburn (they/them) is an Indigenous Montanan from the Jocko Valley and the Flathead Reservation. Local foods were a part of Micah’s upbringing and, in high school, they helped start an organic produce company in Arlee. After graduating, they moved to Missoula to study Social Work while also working for a few non-profits. Upon receiving their degree, they felt the need to nurture their love for local food systems and accepted a job at the Good Food Store as the perishable buyer. In 2017, Micah moved to Bozeman with their husband, Christopher, to pursue Biological Engineering at MSU. Since graduating, Micah works at the Center for Biofilm Engineering and is thoroughly enjoying life without homework. With their free time, Micah is excited to be be more active with the Co-op, both by serving as a board member, and by indulging in more miso brown butter cookies!

Election Questions

From a Board perspective, what do you think are important issues facing the Co-op?

A couple issues facing the Co-op are the continued, rapid growth of Bozeman and Whole Foods coming to Bozeman. If handled properly, the growth will likely benefit the Co-op and Whole Foods will likely be more of a competition for some other grocery stores in Bozeman due to the location and clientele but it is definitely something that will have an impact that the Board will need to address.

What aspects of the Co-op Board of Directors do you find of interest?

I just think the Co-op is such an incredible asset to the Bozeman community, not only for the customers but for local producers, farmers, and suppliers as well. I have loved watching it grow and expand, as well as how wonderfully the Co-op team adapted to the struggles faced during this pandemic. I am interested in helping the Co-op continue to navigate the pandemic as well as find creative ways to adapt to the growing population of Bozeman

What strengths would you bring to the Board?

I bring a lot of experience with, and a strong passion for, local and sustainable foods. Also, while working at The Good Food Store I often saw a disconnect between the employees and the management/administration and the negative impact that could have on the employees and their connection to their job. If elected to the Board one of my top priorities will be making sure the employees feel respected and valued.