Co-op Membership

What is Co-op Membership?

Equal ownership of a local, independent store?

How cool is that? The cooperative business model is a little wacky. However, we think you’ll like it. Let us explain:

Here, there’s no CEO or elite corporate few to gobble up the profit.  We are equally owned and operated by all of our member owners, an economic democracy of sorts.

The distribution of profit is equitable; no one person has more stake in the business than another. Led by a Board of Directors, who are elected by the membership, our Co-op is a place where social justice and economic success can coincide.

Our member owners literally vote with their fork, or spoon for that matter, through the purchase of local, organic and Fair Trade products.

This support also allows us to continue to do what we do best: Provide high quality organic and local food, support local farmers, practice sustainable business operations, provide an ethical (and fun!) workplace and give back to our community.