Jeremy Barton


Jeremy Barton is a proud Co-op member-owner. He grew up in Ojo Caliente, a tiny town in New Mexico. After high school, he migrated to California for college and has spent his career at tech startups of different sizes. Jeremy loves diving headfirst into big problems and building products that make people’s lives better. Currently, he builds products at Facebook, where he has worked for the last eight years on some of the largest initiatives at the company. Outside of work, he spends time with his wife (Michelle), daughter (Parker; 5yr), son (Taylor; 18mo) and pup (Harlow). Outdoor sports have always been a huge part of his life. Currently, Jeremy is running long distances (50+mile races), biking (his kids around) and skiing. When not outside, he loves to explore plant-based food in the kitchen. He also has what his wife thinks is a strange interest in house plants and Toyota Land Cruisers.

Election Questions

From a Board perspective, what do you think are important issues facing the Co-op?

Adjusting to Bozeman’s growth, including Whole Foods arriving in town. According to the 2020 Bozeman Community Plan, Bozeman is projected to grow by nearly 27,000 people through the year 2045. This will present opportunities and challenges that I am eager to work through. Anti-racist/DEI efforts. As Bozeman grows, the Co-op can be a DEI leader that will translate to the broader community. I am excited to get involved in the Board's continued efforts in this area.

What strengths would you bring to the Board?

I consider myself an entrepreneurial leader. I have experience researching problems, finding market opportunities, and then building solutions with diverse teams. I’m interested in how businesses integrate their physical presence with the digital capabilities of the internet to enhance services for customers. I’ve been extremely impressed with the CO-GO service. I have ideas and skills for how the Co-op can build innovative new products and services that will be valuable for the community.

What aspects of the Co-op Board of Directors do you find of interest?

Community building. My family is new to the Bozeman community. With Bozeman’s growth, I am excited to think about how more community members can get involved. I can’t think of a place that is as integral to this community as the Co-op.

Climate change. The food we consume is a huge slice of the carbon footprint for an average consumer. The Co-op has a unique opportunity to educate and encourage consumers to adopt sustainable agriculture.