Jennifer Madgic


I have been fortunate to call Bozeman home for the past 25 years and serving on the Co-op Board of Directors has been one of the best parts of living here. The experience has taught me the importance of buying local and the benefits of buying food that is grown and prepared in ways that help our planet. Although I’ve had a variety of careers, community planning has always been my favorite and working with a team suits me best. I originally moved to Montana for the outdoors and wildlands, all of which I still love, but it’s the people and this community that make it worthwhile. Gardening, hiking, yoga, skiing, cooking, biking and hanging out with animals are some of my favorite pastimes.

Election Questions

From a Board perspective, what do you think are important issues facing the Co-op?

There are many overlapping, big-picture issues that have caught the board’s attention over recent years. Some of these include: staffing in a market challenged by COVID and low unemployment; incredibly high housing prices that have squeezed out the average person; competition from corporate grocery interests; remaining nimble in a rapidly changing environment and; making both Co-op stores the best they can be.

What strengths would you bring to the Board?

I am very passionate about wanting the Co-op to succeed and committed to the broad manners in which we strive to be successful. Part of this success is dependent on the strength of the board, teamwork and expertise. Within this system, I recognize and do everything I can to appreciate and support the wisdom of my fellow board members, of staff and of management, while upholding my end of the bargain in being a responsible, dependable member of the Co-op and Board of Directors.

What aspects of the Co-op Board of Directors do you find of interest?

My favorite aspects of serving on the board for the past seven years have been the teamwork and friendships. We work together for the good of the whole and are united in our quest to make the Co-op the best place to shop, work and gather. Making it all come together — whether it’s adapting to a pandemic, meeting member needs, recognizing the challenges of staff and management, providing excellent food — has been well worth the effort.

Jennifer Madgic