All About Couscous

A Middle Eastern and Mediterranean staple, couscous is a tiny pasta made from cracked durum wheat that has been steamed and dried. It has a subtle flavor and the granules easily absorb the flavors of other ingredients, making it an ideal base to an array of different cuisines worldwide. When cooked, the grains expand and have a light, fluffy texture. Add chopped dried fruit or nuts or serve as an accompaniment to meats or vegetables.

Couscous and Health

Not only is it incredibly easy to prepare, but couscous packs a powerful nutritional punch. A healthy alternative to pasta, it has twice as much riboflavin, vitamin B6 and folate and four times as much thiamine and pantothenic acid. Couscous is also a good source of protein, fiber and B vitamins.

Preparation and Storage

Wondering how long couscous can last in the pantry? What are the best ways to cook it?

Follow this link to learn more: Couscous Tips For Preparation and Storage

Couscous Varieties
Moroccan Couscous: This is the type of couscous that is generally sold in grocery stores. These tiny grains have been pre-steamed and preparation is quick and easy.
Israeli couscous:This type of couscous has larger granules and is cooked like pasta.
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