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New! Co-op Local Grab-and-Go

Summer is a busy time for everyone. Whether the season brings you months packed with outdoor adventures or a relaxing time in the sun, preparing dinner is something that not many people have time for.

That's why Co-op has dinner made easy with our Co-op Local Grab-and-Go!

Looking for something pre-seasoned that you can throw on the grill? From June 5th - 18th you can get $2-off/lb our selection of local steaks from B Bar and Wagyu Cattle Co. or pork chops from John Smith Ranch. Need an easy weeknight meal that you can just put into the oven? Grab some seasoned natural chicken breasts now at $3-off/lb!

Whatever this season brings you, have one less thing on your plate and put something local and delicious on it instead! Stop by our meat department at our West Main location today.

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