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Give Big Gallatin Valley 2023

We Can Give Big Together

Give Big Gallatin Valley 2023

 6 pm on Thursday, May 5th —  6 pm on Friday, May 6

Give Big Gallatin Valley is a 24-hour celebration of giving to connect the community with causes they care about most.

The goal is simple - inspire people to come together, show their pride in their communities and collectively support nonprofits. 

Give Big Gallatin Valley is powered by  One Valley Community Foundation. In just seven years, our community has raised $8,528,753 in unrestricted funding through 55,783 gifts during Give Big! Let's make this year the biggest one yet!

Compassion Project 

This year, we are excited to support the Compassion Project, a non-profit dedicated to teaching and spreading compassion through art and mindfulness.

We are excited to host the Compassion Project for a community art project!