Co-op West Main Project Overview

September 06, 2017

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 In 2018 we intend to build a new two-story building connected to Co-op West Main (located in the empty lot that formerly housed  Aspen Motors).

Why are we doing this? Currently, our operations are very spread out among multiple buildings.  We rent an off-site kitchen, bakery and warehouse as well as off-site administrative offices. The Co-op is all over the place!

However, that’s all about to change.

We are working with Comma-Q Architecture to plan the addition that will help us meet the operational needs of our growing stores. 

The bottom floor will have our kitchen, bakery and warehouse space.  The top floor will have offices and meeting spaces. In addition, we are incorporating green elements into the building itself.

The expansion will allow us to increase our fresh food offerings, provide more retail space for bulk food and update other areas of the store.  It also puts all of our support staff under one roof,  increasing efficiency and decreasing a large rental expense.

We are in the planning phases and will provide more updates as we have them.  These updates will be available on our website, via our e-mail newsletter and in a special mailed newsletter.

Please note that these drawings are architectural plans and are subject to change.

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