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Eat Fresher with our Local Section

Providing local produce is nothing new here at the Co-op. Giving our community access to fresh and delicious food has been part of our mission statement since we started. But did you know that while fresh produce is tasty, it's also great for the environment and your community? 

When we buy local, we are not only contributing directly to our community but also supporting our neighbors' farms. Choosing locally sourced food means we are also supporting farms that prioritize land health. It is a wonderful way to make a positive impact on our neighborhood and the environment.

Since their start in 2003, farms like Gallatin Valley Botanical have produced certified organic produce through sustainable farming practices—practices that work with the environment rather than just take from it. Gallatin Valley Botanicals gives back through crop rotation to keep the soil healthy and use their farm animals to recycle crop residue. You can find their products in our local section! 

Gallatin Valley Botanicals isn't the only farm highlighted in our local section; other local farms, such as Amaltheia Farm, Chance Farm, Cloud Nine Farm, Montana Roots, and Hillcrest Colony, can be found! From mixed greens to edible flowers, fill your cart with various local foods that give back.

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