Donation Requests

Donation Requests

The Co-op sponsors, contributes and/or donates to events, organizations and businesses that are in alignment with our Deep Roots mission to “respect the food, the people and the place.” When evaluating which groups to partner with, we consider:

  • the event
  • the nature of the organization
  • the timing of the request (we are not able to full fill last minute requests)
  • the donation budget

Out of respect for the diverse beliefs of its members, the Co-op refrains from donations to political parties or candidates and religious organizations, except when a community coalition consists of one or more such groups that may otherwise qualify for a donation. 

Fully completed Donation Request forms are required to be considered for donation, sponsorship or contributions. Either download a donation request form or get one from the Customer Service desk at the Co-op 908 West Main. Submission options are listed on the form.

For further questions or inquiries, contact Marketing and Membership Manager Alison Germain at 587-1919 ext. 76 or [email protected]

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