Donation Request Form

Donation Request Form

Our Mission: We provide food and goods, promote sustainable practices and follow co-op principles.


The Co-op sponsors, contributes and/or donates to events, causes and community nonprofit organizations in alignment with Co-op Principles and its Mission.


When evaluating how to allocate its limited resources, the Co-op considers:

• only requests made a minimum of 5 business days prior to the event

• the event

• the nature of the organization

• the timing of the request, relative to normal Co-op operations

• the donation budget


Out of respect for the diverse beliefs of its members, the Co-op refrains from donations to political parties or candidates and religious organizations, except when a community coalition consists of one or more such groups that may otherwise qualify for a donation.


Please complete this form and press the Send Donation Request button.

Please note:

The Co-op considers only requests made a minimum of 7 business days prior to the event. The Co-op makes one donation per organization per fiscal year (July - June).


The Co-op provides gift cards for sponsorships and donations. The cards may be used to purchase needed supplies or for

raffles and prizes. Gift cards may be valued for the full amount of the donation or as multiple cards for smaller amounts not to exceed the total donation.


Gift card(s) can be picked up at the Customer Service desk, 908 West Main by the date specified by Member Services.


If publicity is offered in exchange for the donation, please contact Alison Germain, [email protected]