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Co-op Green Roof

Dirt bag alert! We’re laying soil on the roof of our new building. Come spring, this will become a green roof.

Each bag holds 1,800 pounds of soil. We recently laid 100 bags on the west side of the roof (the section facing our parking lot). Next spring, we'll add soil to the north side of the building facing Main Street.

Sound pretty heavy? The building’s structural system has been designed to withstand the weight of the soil as well as any added snow pack.

Next summer, our roof will come alive with 10 varieties of sedum, a succulent plant that does well in extreme weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance.

Why a Green Roof?

We're installing a green roof because it helps offset our carbon footprint and allows us to operate more sustainably.

Green Roofs...

  • Put more oxygen into the air
  • Provide bird and insect habitat
  • Reduce the urban heating island effect (urban areas can be significantly warmer than rural areas)
  • Naturally insulate the building in winter, reducing heating costs
  • Help keep the building cool in the summer
  • Manage storm water runoff by absorbing water and gradually releasing it without the need for underground storm water structures
  •  Typically last longer than a standard low slope roofing system, reducing waste over the long term