Say No To Agent Orange Corn

From the Center For Food Safety

Dow Chemical is currently requesting an unprecedented approval from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA): a genetically engineered (GE) version of corn that is resistant to 2,4-D, a major component of the highly toxic Agent Orange.

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Agent Orange was the chemical defoliant used by the U.S. in Vietnam. It caused lasting ecological damage as well as many serious medical conditions in both Vietnamese people and Vietnam veterans.

Exposure to 2,4-D has been linked to major health problems that include cancer (especially non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma), lowered sperm counts, liver disease and Parkinson’s disease.

A growing body of evidence from laboratory studies show that 2,4-D causes endocrine disruption, reproductive problems, neurotoxicity and immuno-suppression.

Further, industry’s own tests show that 2,4-D is contaminated with dioxins, a group of highly toxic chemical compounds that bioaccumulate. This means that even a minute amount can accumulate as it goes up the food chain, causing dangerous levels of exposure. Dioxins in Agent Orange have been linked to many diseases, even including birth defects in children of exposed parents. According to the EPA, 2,4-D is the seventh largest source of dioxins in the U.S.

The USDA approval of Dow’s GE corn will trigger a big increase in 2,4-D use – and our exposure to this toxic herbicide. Yet, the department has not assessed how much nor analyzed the resulting impacts on public health, the environment or neighboring farmers (2,4-D is prone to drift and cause damage to nearby crops).

Take Action

Tell USDA to reject 2,4-D resistant GE corn! It only takes 30 seconds. Please send your comment here: Agent Orange Corn.