Summer Trails Challenge

June 08, 2021

Support Community Trails

Gallatin Valley Land Trust's Summer Trails Challenge is in full swing! Our Co-op is honored to sponsor this event in support of community trails and open spaces!

Now through June 25, folks are tracking and logging their hiking, walking, biking and running trail miles to help GVLT reach their largest goal ever: 77,500 miles. Each mile logged on a trail earns GVLT a $1 donation from the Community Match Pool funded by local businesses, including our Co-op!

Trees for Bees

Looking for a cool destination? Log in some miles and head to Langhor Park (near the community gardens). Two years ago, we celebrated our 40th anniversary by planting 40 pollinator-friendly trees in Bozeman. These trees are thriving! Most importantly, they provide critical habitat for bees, a species facing dwindling numbers due to industrial agriculture, insecticides and habitat loss due to climate change.