Stress Less With These Herbs

Corinne Garcia, Co-op Member Owner

December 14, 2016

Feeling a little stressed out?

Along with doing things that make you happy—hit the local ski hill, fit in some yoga or meditation time, go for a walk, indulge in a daily nap—there are a number of calming herbs that can help you regain your balance.

Stress less with these herbs:

Lemon Balm
A member of the mint family, lemon balm has been used for centuries as a stress reliever and sleep promoter. It’s often found in stress beating blends with other herbs (such as those listed below) but it’s been proven to have these powers on its own as well by calming the nervous system, lowering blood pressure and soothing a nervous tummy.

It’s also used to beat indigestion, so if you do happen to overdo it on the holiday ham, this may help you find some relief. Lemon balm can be ingested via tincture, tea or capsule or applied topically as an oil.

One of the best selling teas around the world, just behind black tea, chamomile is often thought of as nighty-night sipper due to it’s well known soothing scent and calming benefits.

Known as “nature’s tranquilizer,” the variety of pigments (AKA flavonoids) in this plant can act as a natural sedative, while it also has been used to relieve pain, headaches, fever, and tummy aches. Chamomile is most commonly ingested in tea form and can be found in a variety of delicious tea blends.

Known as one of the most powerful herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is known for its soothing and restorative benefits.

It’s often referred to as “Indian ginseng” because of it rejuvenating affect. And in Sanskrit it literally means “the smell of a horse,” and is known to make people strong again, especially after an illness. The herb helps relieve stress, fatigue and lack of concentration among other things. It is typically taken in supplement form.

The list wouldn’t be complete without this one. A well known stress tamer, lavender’s soothing scent is just one of the benefits.

But it’s the scent that we can thank for the stress and anxiety relieving benefits and the sleep promotion. It’s even been documented to increase the amount of time one is in a state of deep sleep.

Lavender is typically used as an aromatherapy treatment and can be diffused as an oil or applied to the skin. And the benefits don’t stop with stress relief; topically, it’s also been know to treat skin conditions, reduce inflammation and reduce pain among many others.