Local Steak Sale

Enjoy savings on local, organic and grassfed beef from B Bar Ranch.

Looking for smaller cuts? Save 25% on fresh cut steaks (see below).

50%-off Select Steaks "By the Case"

Valid May 13 — June 2 at Co-op West Main only

Limit one case total per customer per day:

B Bar New York Strip

  • Average case weight is 6.5 lbs
  • Average case cost —  SALE: $64.97/each (reg. approx. $130/ea)
  • You pay $9.99/lb

B Bar Ribeye Steak

  • Average case weight is 10.3 lbs
  •  Average case cost — SALE: $127.20 (reg. approx. $255/ea)
  • You pay $12.50/lb

Looking for Smaller Cuts?

25%-off Fresh Cut Steaks

Available in-store at Co-op West Main:

  • B Bar Ribeye
  • B Bar New York Strip