Southwest Montana Farm to Food Bank

June 09, 2016

Our Co-op started the Southwest Montana Farm to Food Bank program in 2007 driven by the believe that all people deserve access to fresh, healthy food.

While many of us may take food for granted, food insecurity is a very real issue for many of our fellow community members.  The Farm to Food Bank program helps supply those in need with fruit and vegetables fresh from the fields of local farms.

In 2015, the Farm to Food Bank program was awarded the Nourishing Community Award by the Bozeman Human Resource Development Council (HRDC).  The program has received grants from First Security Bank and the Bozeman Community Foundation.

Please consider making a donation if you’re interested in helping supply the Gallatin Valley Food Bank and Livingston Food Resource Center with fresh local food.  (Your contribution also helps local farmers!)  Donation jars can be found at Co-op cash registers.

 For other donations, contact Alison Grey Germain at 587-1919 ext. 76 or [email protected].