South Africa Wine Explorer

A taste of South Africa!

Enjoy 20%-off these wines:

  • Rooiberg Cabernet/Merlot — 20%-off at $10.79
  • Curator White Wine — 20%-off at $7.99
  • Curator Red Blend Wine — 20%-off at $8.39
  • Secateurs Chenin Blanc — 20%-off at $14.79
  • Painted Wolf Chenin Blanc — 20%-off at $9.99
  • Painted Wolf Pinotage— 20%-off at $9.99

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Pinotage anyone?

Pinotage is known as the signature grape of South Africa.  A cross between a Pinot Noir and Cinsaut, the Pinotage grape was originally cultivated in South Africa in 1925 by Abraham Perold.  While Pinot Noir grapes have a hard time growing in the South African climate, Cinsaut grapes consistently flourish.  Perold blended the two varieties creating a Pinotage grape that is now grown almost exclusively in South Africa. Come try out our Pinotage from Painted Wolf Vinyard!