Solar Savings

Our solar roof has been active for one year, it has saved us!

We invested in sustainable green energy when designing our expansion of Co-op West Main. While the cost was high, we decided that investing in sustainable energy was in direct relation to our co-ops dedication to sustainable practices and environmental awareness.  While our solar system has only been active for the past year, it has had a dramatic impact on our resources.

In the first year, our solar system produced over 100% of the original estimation, coming in at 22,721 kWh/year produced.  To put that in perspective, our solar system avoids the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of 39,863 miles driven by the average car or the CO2 emissions from 17,701 pounds of coal burned! In only one year!

Over the estimated 25 year life time of our solar system, we should see solar energy equivalent to 996,567 miles driven by the average car or avoid CO2 emissions equivalent to 442,526 pounds of coal burned.

Our solar roof can be seen from our parking lot at Co-op West Main.