So, We're Expanding...

September 24, 2018

"Wow, is the Co-op seriously doubling in size?!"

"Are you morphing into some oversized grocery behemoth?"

"Seriously guys, what we need are more checkout lanes."

"That space is huge! I mean, how much food do we really need?"

"What about parking? Have you all thought of that?!"

Glad You Asked...

If you have found yourself asking these questions, you are not alone.

Let's answer the most important question first: Yes, there will be more parking.

We are increasing it by 25 percent!

And second, we are not doubling the size of our retail grocery store. The majority of it will actually be "back of the house" operations.

A Little Retail

We are adding 1,500 square feet of retail that will allow us to make some big changes:

  • A new bulk room filled with bulk foods, wellness and bulk body care
  • An updated deli featuring a walk-around hot bar and cold bar
  • Expanded pastry and grocery selection
  • A larger good-to-go case and an improved meat and seafood department
  • Two additional cashier stands

A Whole Lotta "Behind the Scenes"

The rest of the expansion (that other 21,000-square feet) will be operational.

Currently, our operations are very spread out among multiple buildings. We rent an off-site kitchen, bakery and warehouse as well as off-site administrative offices.

In the new building, the bottom floor will have our kitchen, bakery and warehouse space.  The top floor will have offices and meeting spaces.

With our team under one roof, we save significantly on monthly rental expenses. A larger, more efficient space means we can offer increased selections and more competitive pricing.

And 25 Percent More Parking...

How 'bout that?!

Just thought we should mention that one more time.