Latest Construction Pictures

June 27, 2019

Photos by Kene Sperry

Wondering what's behind the wall at Co-op West Main?

  • View from the parking lot, into the old receiving area
  • Inside the old warehouse, produce prep area, dish area and back kitchen
  • The door that lead to the end of the sandwich line, next to produce
  • Looking from the outer deli kitchen
  • Concrete cuts in the old floor

Right now, the Co-op West Main service kitchen—and the new meat/seafood counter—is being constructed behind a temporary wall, located on the west side of the hot and cold bars.

REMODEL — Service Kitchen and Sandwich Bar

Our large scale production kitchen, located in the new part of our expanded building, is where the majority of food is made for both Co-op locations.  Each store also has a small service kitchen to offer unique dishes, based on what's fresh and available, which complement the main menu.

Our service kitchen and sandwich bar are being remodeled. During this time, we are working hard to keep our hot bar and salad bar full throughout the day. You may notice a few empty wells in the deli islands during this time. This is also why we are temporarily unable to offer soup and made-to-order sandwiches.

Thank you for the patience during this time — the improvements will be worth the wait!

REMODEL — Meat and Seafood Counter

While our full service kitchen is remodeled, we are still offering fresh, handcut meat and seafood.  All product is currently available in packaged compostable trays.

Find them in two (temporary!) locations:

  • Across from the salad bar
  • Across from the cheese case

When Will the Construction End?

Construction should be complete in the late summer/early fall. You can expect to see a return to full capacity in the hot bar, salad bar, made-to-order sandwiches and soup options. We will also have a full-service meat and seafood counter again.

Thank you!

Thanks for your support through this project. We appreciate your patience while we build a better Co-op. We can't wait to show you the final product!