La Riojana Wine Sale

October 01, 2019

$6.99 Riojana

Celebrate with La Riojana 

La Riojana is one of the largest co-operatives in Argentina, as well as a pioneer in organic and Fair Trade practices.  They are currently the third largest wine exporter (by volume) in Argentina.

Growing from small roots in the 1940's, La Riojana now has over 500 producer partners united as a co-op. Over 80% of those partners are small-scale producers.

La Riojana became certified as an organic producer in 2000 and has become one of Argentina's largest producers of organic wine.  They were also the first winery in Argentina to become Fair Trade certified in 2006.  

On sale October 2 - 15

Enjoy select flavors of La Riojana wine for $6.99/ea.

Valid at both Co-op locations, while supplies last. Not valid on reserve varietals.

Sustainable and Delicious

La Riojana is 100% committed to sustainability by working with their members in a way that is not only sustainable for their way of life, but also the health of the land and environment. 

They were one of the first Argentine wineries to introduce a carbon neutral program for the entire wine-making process from grape to bottle.  

Health of the land leads to health of the grape.  This creates a lasting and delicious wine that ends up on your table.

Valid on select flavors while supplies last.