Project Update: Moving Right Along

July 10, 2018

What's new with Co-op the Whole Block expansion project?

Things are changing every day! You can check out the entire site via the pedestrian walk way along Main Street.

Pouring Concrete

Progress is happening quickly these days.

Last week, concrete was poured on the east side of the construction site. The slabs were poured at two different heights for our new coolers and freezers. This allows for varying layers of insulation underneath each one.

The west side slab will be poured in the next two weeks. Then the ground floor surface will be in place and ready for walls to go up.

Here Comes the Big Stuff

A giant crane will arrive on site sometime this week.  Once the crane is in place, we will receive steel and cross laminated timbers. The timber will arrive in a series of truck deliveries around July 25.  The trucks will arrive from a manufacturing site in Columbia Falls, MT in three hour intervals until we receive them all.

What's Next?

Visible progress will happen quickly, as the buildings walls and frames are constructed.