Project Update - Goodbye Staff Stairway

Staff Stairway Removal

We have a staff stairway on the back end of the building. It is located on the northwest corner and connects our break room to the retail floor. For the expansion, this stairway will need to be removed when (eventually) our west wall is taken down.

This part of the project begins Monday, July 30th. It will be loud for 2-3 days from morning until about 5PM. We apologize for the disruption, and earplugs are available at the Customer Service counter.

Shopping Unaffected

The removal of the stairs will not impact our downstairs shopping area, main entrance/exit or parking. This project is mostly behind the scenes.

Dining Area Open — Partial Decrease in Seating

We anticipate a temporary decrease of seating in our upstairs dining area. However, much of the dining will remain open. The Flying C Cafe will also remain open and access to the restrooms will be unaffected.

Worried about eating in a construction zone? No worries!

Work is not happening in the dining area. The reduction in seating has to do with safety and occupancy. Because the stairway is an emergency exit, we must account for the number of people who can be upstairs. After the stairs are taken down, we will build a temporary emergency exit on the outside of the building for the duration of the project.

Dine Outside!

Our summer season is short in Montana — grab a plate and head outside.  The stair removal will not impact any of our outdoor tables.