Parking Lot Fully Open!

September 03, 2019

Co-op staff is jumping for joy. Co-op West Main parking lot full open and 25% bigger.

Photos by Taylor Barrett

Parking Lot Open

We are literally jumping for joy!

Our parking lot at Co-op West Main is fully open...and 25% bigger.

Meat & Seafood Case

If everything goes according to plan...

We hope to open our Meat & Seafood Case this Saturday, Sept. 7. 

As of today, this opening date is looking solid.

Full service will be back in action!

Our meat and seafood crew is excited to be back on the floor serving customers.

Sandwich Bar — Next Week

We're working hard to open our sandwich bar by mid-month.

The current plan is to be fully open by the second weekend in September.

Stay tuned!