New Item - Montana Young Beef


Montana Young Beef


Local, grassfed young beef is now available at Co-op West Main.


It comes to us from Montana Red Devons, owned by Jenny Kahrl in Harrison, Montana.


Jenny’s “grass-and-milk-fed” beef is as fresh and tender as it comes.


The meat comes from young male cows that were humanely-treated in a low stress environment on her ranch and processed locally with care.


What is Young Beef?


With each annual crop of bovines, there is always an excess of young male cattle. This happens in every herd, on every ranch, around the world.


These newly weaned cattle are typically shipped off to stressful commercial operations and processed in large scale facilities.


For the cattle on Jenny’s ranch, it’s a different story. Instead of selling them off to unknown fates, she keeps them on her ranch where they avoid the stress of being shipped across the country, are grassfed on Montana forage and have room to roam.