New Salads and Wraps

June 21, 2016

Tired of the same old lunch?

Our new wraps and salads are fresh, light and full of vibrant flavors. Look for them on the salad bar and in the Good to Go case at both Co-op locations.

New Wraps

  • Gluten-Free Chipotle Chicken Wrap (house made chipotle chicken salad wrapped in a local collard green)
  • Southwestern Turkey Wrap  (green chile cream cheese, smoked turkey, pumpkin seeds and vegetables wrapped in a sundried tomato tortilla)
  • Szechuan Tempeh Wrap (Szechuan tempeh, broccoli with vegetables and spinach wrapped in a spinach tortilla)

New Salads

  • Asian Quinoa & Cabbage (quinoa, carrots, cabbage, local green onions and cilantro and toasted cashews in a house made ginger miso dressing)
  • Detox (local kale, parsley, green and red cabbage, almonds, broccoli, carrots and sunflower seeds, in a light lemon, olive oil and dijon dressing)
  • Curried Pea Salad (peas, almonds, green onions, water chestnuts in a light curry mayo)