New Salad Bar

June 18, 2019

Over the Top…For Toppings!

Co-op West Main has a new, walk-around salad bar offering double the selection of veggies and toppings.

Some things never change though…

When it comes to ingredients, we continue to choose local and organic whenever possible.

Improvements Continue

You may have noticed the temporary wall on the west side of the salad bar and hot bar.

Behind that wall, construction continues on our service kitchen and full-service meat and seafood counter.

What's a "Service Kitchen"?

Our large scale production kitchen is where the majority of food is made for both Co-op locations.  It is located in the new part of our expanded building.

In addition, each Co-op location has a small "service kitchen" that supplements what is made in the production kitchen.

The service kitchen allows us to keep our hot bar, salad bar and soups full. Without it, our rock star cooks are working double time to keep up!

Once the service kitchen opens, you will see fewer empty wells in our salad bar and hot bar.

Co-op Soups

During the remodel, we will not be able to offer Co-op soups at Co-op West Main.

Fear not, it  will be back in time for soup season in the fall.


We Appreciate Your Patience...

Our staff is working hard to build a better Co-op.

Thank you for your patience, support and cooperation during this transition.

It will be worth it!