New Item: Coffee Blocks

August 16, 2016

Calling all coffee lovers!

We've got a new product on the shelves to shake up your morning cup o' joe: Coffee Blocks.

Essentially butter coffee, Coffee Blocks contain five ingredients: clarified grassfed butter (unsalted), organic virgin coconut oil, organic egg yolk, organic vanilla and coffee.

Excuse me, butter coffee?

Lots of people add cream to their coffee and butter is basically heavy cream that has been churned. The idea is that by adding grass-fed butter to your coffee, it will help you to feel fuller, longer and boost your energy levels.

It's a convenient way to enjoy coffee on the go; simply add hot water and skip the creamer and sugar.

Coffee Blocks are located in the coffee aisle of Co-op West Main in packages of eight. You can also try a single serving packet, available in the Flying C Cafe.