New! Ready-to-Cook Veggie Mixes

Skip the prep! We have ready-to-cook (or eat) local vegetable mixes from Root Cellar Foods.

These veggie combinations come to us from Root Cellar Foods and are washed, chopped, diced, sliced and ready to go.

Root Cellar Veggie Mixes

  • Coleslaw Mix
  • Mirepoix Mix (carrots, celery and onion)
  • Carrot Stix
  • Butternut Squash


This is a new product and has been very popular!

Thank you for our patience as we adjust our purchasing and ordering. 

We are receiving an afternoon delivery on Friday, February 22.

About Root Cellar Foods

Root Cellar Foods turns locally grown and organic vegetables into ingredients that grocery stores, restaurants and now home cooks can use to prepare meals.

Farmers do the planting, growing and harvesting, Root Cellar does the washing, chopping, shredding and slicing.

Available while supplies last in the produce department at Co-op West Main. Select availability at Co-op Downtown.