New! Aluminum Bottled Spring Water

January 22, 2019

We are now carrying an alternative to plastic single-use water bottles in our stores.

Find locally-sourced Montana Silver Springs (Philipsburg, MT) water in recyclable aluminum bottles.

Why Montana Spring Water?

We seek to support local businesses whenever possible. For one, it's an investment in our local economy. In addition, it decreases the carbon foot print of transporting plastic bottles from far away.

The water comes from a complex of eleven naturally-occurring springs in Philipsburg.  This high-alkaline (7.8 pH), mineral-rich water is treated with a state-of-the-art system that does not effect the water's natural mineral content.

With the addition of this product, we have begun to phase out single-use plastic water bottles in both Co-op locations.

In addition, find Proud Source (Mackay, ID) spring water in recyclable aluminum bottles.

Prefer to Refill Your Own Bottle?

We agree that this is the most sustainable option. Thank you for helping to reduce waste. 

Individual-sized water bottles can be refilled in our dining areas at both locations.


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