Montana Month: B Bar Ranch

September 13, 2021

Featured Farm

B Bar Ranch

In celebration of Montana Month, we hit the road to tour some of our local farms and ranches. Here we highlight B Bar Ranch in Big Timber, Montana, our main provider of 100% organic, grass-fed beef.

Wes Henthorne and the team at B Bar Ranch Grassfed Beef in Big Timber are dedicated to regenerative ranching practices. This is a process that seeks to restore and enhance the health of our ecosystem, soils and water quality.

B Bar Ranch protects and preserves the land and natural resources while raising Ancient White Park cattle. They maintain an organic certification on their land, cattle and gardens. The ranch utilizes their byproducts through composting and embraces ecologically responsible practices that provide the best organic grass-fed beef possible.

September is Montana Month

Looking for a better burger? From ground beef to steaks, save 20% on the entire line of B Bar Ranch organic grassfed beef, now through September 30 for Montana Month!

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