Montana House Bills 112 & 113

Our Co-op Board of Directors has unanimously decided to join other businesses across the state of Montana in vocalizing our opposition of two house bills: House Bill 112 and House Bill 113, two measures that directly target transgender youth.

We strive to make our Co-op a place where everyone is welcome. As a business and leading employer in Bozeman, we value the inclusion, safety and security of our LGBTQ2S+  community, and thus, stand in opposition to these bills. All children deserve to be supported and have access to the health care they need. 

Click the following link for more information on the house bills and opposition letter: House Bills 112 and 113 

Updated Jan. 26:

HB113 failed to pass the Montana House.
Thank you to everyone who wrote, called and emailed. You made a difference! Together as a community, we must continue to work toward defeating HB 112 as well.

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