Member Loan Drive Update

February 20, 2018

Still interested in participating in the loan drive? We will close the member loan drive on February 28, 2018.

These loans will supplement additional funding we are securing through the bank. The total estimated cost of the project is approximately $11 million.

Interested in being a Co-op Loaner?

We offer competitive interest rates and low loan amounts to enable more member participation:

  • Minimum loan = $1,000
  • Maximum loan = $50,000
  • 4 year term = 4% interest
  • 7 year term = 5% interest

Loans are available to member owners who are Montana residents only and are not transferable.

Additional Loan Information

Looking for more information on member loans, terms, possible risk and contact information?

Click on the following link for a downloadable informational sheet: Download Member Loan Drive

You can also pick up a copy from the Customer Service Desk.

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