Co-op the Whole Block: March Photos

Our expansion project is really "springing" forward!

Installation of the kitchen equipment (including coolers, freezers, ovens and more) is in full swing. Office spaces, including some built-in work stations, are also taking shape.

Our new two-story warehouse space will include dry storage, coolers and freezers.  It is considerably larger than our current space. This means we can "forward buy" items, allowing us to drop the everyday prices on many products including meat, seafood and frozen fruit.

Is retail space expanding?

Yes, a bit. Our deli will be about 500 feet larger and we're adding a 1,000-sqaure-foot bulk room.

However, the majority of our new building will be used for "back of the house" operations. Warehouse, kitchen and bakery spaces will be on the first floor; office and meetings spaces on the second.

Currently, we are spread out among multiple buildings that we rent. By moving under one roof, we save money on rent, improve our efficiency and meet the growing needs of our store.

What about parking?

Good news! We are increasing it by 25 percent.

Expansion Project Photos

Photos taken March 18, 2019


These are the dairy, meat and produce walk-in coolers and freezer in the receiving area. Trucks will be able to back right into this new receiving area (completely separate from parking lot!).


That's a whole lotta warehouse space! The two-story warehouse includes dry storage, coolers and freezers.  On the far right is the receiving area pictured above.


To the left is our new highly-versatile pressure braiser. It's like a 45-gallon Instant Pot. On the right, convection ovens await final installation.


Our new expanded dish washing area features a new conveyor dish machine and cart washing station. 


This picture is taken from the floor of the warehouse looking up to the second story. These interior windows help provide more natural light. A maze of mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is visible on the ceiling.


Purchasers will use these built-in work stations, a much needed addition as many of our workers currently share desks.


Photos by  Jessie Moore.