Leading Community Partner: Greater Gallatin Watershed Council

May 03, 2016

The Gallatin Watershed begins in Yellowstone National Park and covers nearly 1.2 million acres in Southwest Montana, including 23 major streams totaling 394 miles. 

In the Lower Gallatin Watershed, 15 streams do not meet state water quality standards for nutrients, sediment and/or E. coli.

With Gallatin County's rapid growth, pressure on our water resources is an ever increasing concern in our community. To help address these issues and plan for the future, the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council (GGWC) collaborates with agricultural, recreational and community partners to conserve and enhance our water resources.

The group coordinates Gallatin Stream Teams, a volunteer stream monitoring program operated in partnership between the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council and the Gallatin Local Water Quality District.

Every summer, citizen scientists test water quality on local streams that is then used by various groups to assess watershed health. In addition, GGWC helps coordinate specific projects focused on restoring and enhancing streams and educating the public on protecting our watershed. 

Clean water and healthy streams are integral to our community. In support of this important work, our Co-op is proud to partner with the GGWC as one of our leading partners in our Deep Roots giving program. 

Interested in Helping?

GGWC is currently looking for stream team volunteers. Join them for an informational meeting next Tuesday, May 10 at 6:30 pm at REI.

Co-op Deep Roots

In operation since 1979, the Co-op has deep roots in Bozeman. As a community-owned business, we believe that bringing people together, inspiring change and making a difference in our community is all part of being a good neighbor.

The Deep Roots project digs deep to give back to our community in meaningful and inspiring ways, with a commitment to “Respect the food, the people and the place.”

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Photography by Jessie Moore Photography. Check out photos of all of our Leading Community Partners, on display now in the Flying C Cafe and Co-op Downtown.