Leading Community Partner: Bozeman Help Center

March 03, 2016

Montana has the sobering distinction of having the highest suicide rate per capita of any other state, averaging 24.5 suicides per 100,000 people. That’s nearly twice the national average.

The Help Center, Inc. in Bozeman works around the clock to provide assistance – and hope – to those in crisis.

Our Co-op is proud to support this non-profit organization which offers a 24-hour crisis hotline (406-586-3333) and referral service to 13 counties in Southwest Montana.

The center helps clients with suicidality through crisis counseling, direct services, access to information and therapy. They assist those suffering from depression, anxiety and relationship problems as well as counseling and supporting victims of sexual assault, past and present.

The center oversees a wide variety of programs including, the Help Center, Child Advocacy, Hearts and Homes, Sexual Assault Counseling Center and Sacks of Bozeman.


Their mission to bring hope and empowerment to people in crisis is invaluable in building a strong, healthy community here in Southwest Montana. Supporting their efforts as one of our Deep Roots Leading Community Partners is truly an honor.

Photography by Jessie Moore Photography. Check out photos of all of our Leading Community Partners, on display now in the Flying C Cafe and Co-op Downtown.

Co-op Deep Roots

In operation since 1979, the Co-op has deep roots in Bozeman. As a community-owned business, we believe that bringing people together, inspiring change and making a difference in our community is all part of being a good neighbor.

The Deep Roots project digs deep to give back to our community in meaningful and inspiring ways, with a commitment to “Respect the food, the people and the place.”

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