Holiday Turkey Commonly Asked Questions

What size are the birds?

  • Montana Turkeys —  13-18 pounds
  • Diestel  Fresh Organic Turkeys —  13-20 pounds
  • Mary's Free Range Non-GMO Bone-In Turkey Breasts — 4-8 pounds
  • Mary's Free Range Organic Turkey Breasts — 4-8 pounds

Fresh and Frozen Turkeys

Diestal turkeys are fresh (never frozen).

Montana turkeys are frozen.

Where do these turkeys come from?

Our Montana turkeys come to us from the Fairhaven Colony in Ulm, Montana.

Are the Montana turkeys organic?

No, however, they are raised humanely in a low stress operation with access to a large yard and barn. They are never treated with antibiotics or hormones and receive enzyme supplements for their overall health. They are given conventional feed from U.S. and Canadian growers.