Project Update: Here We Go!

April 23, 2018

Ground Breaking

After many years of planning, we are thrilled to break ground on our expansion project. Construction will begin in the next week or two, dependent on any unforeseen changes.

Olive Bar Moved

We recently moved the olive bar from its original home in the Produce Department. It is now located across from the Meat and Seafood freezer.

It was moved in preparation for the expansion project and subsequent remodeling of the existing store. The olive bar will not be permanently located in this area.

Wellness Office Remodel

Some improvements related to the expansion project will happen sooner rather than later!

On Tuesday, April 24, we will begin removing the wellness office, allowing us to offer additional retail space.

During the removal of the office, there will be may be some noise and dust, however, interruption of shopping should be minimal.  We will continue to provide the same products, however, some things may be temporarily moved around. Please ask staff if you need help.

Upon its completion, the new building will also provide improved offices for wellness staff.  In the meantime, they will work from a rolling cart on the retail floor along with an office space upstairs.

Parking Lot News

In early May, a gate will be installed on the west side of the parking lot, blocking the 10th Avenue entrance and exit. This will provide space for construction operations.

The good news: Only a limited number of parking spaces - located on the far side of the lot - will be impacted. It impacts 15% of our total parking and is located in the least congested and utilized area. The majority of parking spots and street parking will remain unaffected.

Our staff is always happy to assist in carrying groceries to your vehicle.  If you have to park a bit further out than normal, don't hesitate to ask us for help. We're happy to do it!